CEP was asked to produce more than a dozen labs to help instructors keep students prepared and engaged as they wait to rejoin the classroom.
Would you pay to read/watch online content?
The Person-on-the-Street Interview is a classic tool used to engage and spark conversation in the classroom. 
San Jose City College  asked CEP to produce video labs directed at students in its Machine Tools Program.  Notice the Closed Captioning.  This is critical as all  educational video content must have CC in order to comply with the the American's with Disabilities Act.
This sample is a more traditional approach to educational content delivery.  A professor leading a class with PowerPoint as the primary media.  This was produced with an audience, however, this format is easily translated into stand-alone content perfect for Distance Learning.
San Jose City College asked CEP to produce labs for its Environmental Studies Department. This lab analyzes the water run-off during a rain event. 
Breaking complex ideas into simpler terms is what video does best.  
Animation is another tool to help explain complex ideas.
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