The barriers to quality medical care in this country are overwhelming to most of us, but when you have Stage-4 Metastatic Breast Cancer at age 33, there's just no time for all of the nonsense.

Eve suffers from colon cancer.  She's been denied the only medication that helps fight her pain: Opioids. She's been lumped in with the 10 of thousands of American's deemed at risk for an overdose.  The problem is simply that she needs these powerful pain killers to maintain a normal life.  This is Eve's Story.
Heart attacks are this country's leading cause of death. 
So, get yourself a heart scan to make sure you're not at risk!
This is one in a series of four videos that helped regulate an entire industry!  Before 2018, the Prescription Benefit Manager was the unseen middleman that decided how much you and I pay for our prescription drugs at the pharmacy and so much more...with ZERO accountability!  A new law was signed by California Governor Jerry Brown changed all that.
You'll notice we added closed captioning to this piece. 
We did this for social media as most folks don't turn on the sound when watching on Facebook.
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